Monday, January 22, 2007

Florida state legislators worked hard over the weekend to reduce skyrocketing home insurance rates

Citizens across the state of Florida were looking to the state to help them against losing their homes. And it seems like they have something in the making. After being flooded by calls, mail, and faxes, state legislators are frantically looking for a solution on how to preserve the economy admist a growing home insurance crisis. Due to the increased hurricane activities, home insurance rates have gone up across the state.

Sun Sentinel, one of the newspapers in south Florida, described it best. This is a historic, almost unprecedented event...both Democrats and Republicans sitting in meeting rooms working together to try to come up with an answer.

By Sunday evening, a deal came together that highlighted a level of bipartisanship and urgency in the Legislature that hasn't been seen for years in Tallahassee.

Source: Sun Sentinel

If you're a Florida resident, you should be proud -- your legislators worked hard to get this issue fixed!

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