Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sudan genocide continues - Bush might be facing Clinton's Rwanda

Man killed by helicopter gunship burning village.

Man murdered outside of his village.

Village burned down by hostile helicopter gunships.

There is currently inaction in Sudan, because the country refuses to accept UN peacekeepers. The United Nations does not want to impose on the country that's killing its citizens.

Come on people! Wake up. We have people dying every day because of killings, diseases, etc. The country of Sudan is a shameful example of what happens when an Islamic government (church and state) takes power. It is a killing machine.

Here is one of the African Union's pictures regarding Sudan's violations of the cease fire. The photographer is an ex-US Marine (Brian Steidle) who's quite saddened that he couldn't fight people that was killing civilians. All he had was a camera and a pen.

What Can You Do?
Write to your politicians! Don't let Sudan become another Rwanda. Let people know that you care. Write letters to newspaper editors and TV broadcast stations -- make them cover this and put it in front of the media.

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