Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ghazi Hamad, Hamas official, says stop blaming Israel for homegrown issues!

Wow, I thought I would never see the day. A Hamas official, speaking on his own private column, says that Israel is not the reason for many issues regarding Palestinians. The fact that Palestinian teenagers carry weapons, fight each other, and ignore Palestinian authorities is not related to Israel. It is related to the choices of the Palestinian people, especially in Gaza.

"The anarchy, chaos, pointless murders, the plundering of lands, family feuds … what do all of these have to do with the occupation?" he asked in the opinion piece published in the Palestinian newspaper, al-Ayyam. "We have always been accustomed to pinning our failures on others, and conspiratorial thinking is still widespread among us."

Hamad was addressing the failure of the Palestinians to make a success of the Gaza Strip, the territory that Israel surrendered a year ago.

"When you walk around in Gaza, you cannot help but avert your eyes from what you see: indescribable anarchy, policemen that nobody cares about, youth proudly carrying weapons. From time to time you hear that so-and-so was murdered in the middle of the night, and the response comes quickly the next morning. Large families carry weapons in tribal wars against other families."


The fact of the matter is, Palestinians and nearly all of the Middle East, blame Israel for their social and economic problems -- yet truly if we all look inside, it all comes down to choices. If you live in a country like Syria and you cannot express your freedom or have good business opportunities like in a capitalistic country, that is your choice. The people of a country is what supports the government -- no matter what type of government, whether it be a dictatorship or a democratic government.

The people control the power and the people have a choice -- whether they continue to live in oppression, whether they continue to fight among themselves, whether they continue to blame Israel, or whether they want to finally end the cycle of violence and start looking at themselves.

Let's take a look at the Soviet Union -- when the people decided to rise up, the communistic country fell to its knees within a blink of an eye. And slowly, people in the Soviet Union started recovering from the ills of a socialistic society.

A message to the Palestinians

Grow up -- stop blaming Israel for everything. Make something out of Gaza, create a haven for tourists and be a model for the Arab world. Prove to the world that you are civilized and not just a bunch of idiots carrying guns. Stop kidnapping reporters and foreigners, get foreign investment started to create jobs! Teach your kids about finance, world economics, health -- not death to Israel and suicide belts.

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