Wednesday, June 28, 2006

psycheclone - an annoying web bot advisory

Over the past few days, a web bot is running all over the web trying to gather emails for spam harvesting. It uses links for new servers to hit and it is continuing to gather emails at astounding rate. On my web site alone, it's had 880 hits. Maybe it couldn't find things the first time? Who knows. Here's some IP address info on this bot:

How to block this from your site using .htaccess:

<Limit GET POST>
order allow,deny
allow from all
deny from

Research on ARIN reveals that this web bot is owned by a company called Digital Infinity Ltd located in Moscow, Russia. The mailing address is listed as: Ostrovityanova str, 14, 200, Moscow, Russia.

If you would like to kindly tell them to stop harrassing the Internet, you can call them at these "supposed" numbers: Phone +495.9806635, Fax +495.9806635. The name of the owner is "Elena Balkina" and has been connected to spam before with Please note the current owner of is no longer this person or her company. Elena's company has been used to send spam for online pharmacies and who knows what else.


Archimedes Trajano said...

Saw this on my logs too. Thx for the inf

Publisher said...

Thanks for the update guys. Keep posting additional comments if you find it would be useful for other users online looking to stop this annoying bot.