Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A New Year in the Gulf

Happy New Year to all!

I started the New Year by launching over 600 grams of gunpowder into the air (in the form of fireworks). I think Jan 1st and July 4th are the two days in the year that drastically affect the world's air quality the most. Why do we do it? Cuz it's so much fun. Check out the party photo below, this was taken during the fireworks show at my house. Notice the smoke...

After blowing up the sky with mortars and other types of fireworks, we continued the New Year celebration by going to the Gulf of Mexico. My goal was to fish for snook, salmon, or grouper. What'd I catch? Sting rays and cat fish. Yuck! However, my better half did catch snapper, sheephead, trout, etc. She caught more fish than anyone on the boat.

My resolution

I only have one resolution this year. More time for family recreation! I haven't fished in years and when I went out on the boat, it felt so relaxing that I definitely wanna do it everyday!

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