Thursday, November 24, 2005

In The News: Don Sausa in NewsPress

Firm aims to hire 300 people. Yes, we're hiring at my workplace. Positions to fill, things to do, and not enough people. If you have someone that needs a job that has good computer skills, have them contact me.

Getting free advertisements. If you are in need of employees, try to send a press release to get free advertising on the newspaper. We're in the NewsPress because of our public press release. By giving a good story in your press release, you help reporters out! They need news to make news.

Finding a bunch of people in a good economy. October's unemployment numbers came in recently for our area! Our unemployment rate is at 2.5%. This is the best in the ENTIRE state, if not the nation! So how do you find qualified people (by the hundreds) in this type of economy? First, understand that basic media advertising can only go so far. Push for radio, newspaper, and TV advertisements in your organization as the beginning step. That will help spread the word out. Second, utilize recruiters and word of mouth to distribute the news you are hiring.

Keep the employees that you already have. Attrition should be your number one enemy. Keep your employees happy by showing them that you respect them and care for them. This is often the most difficult aspect of the job. When managers are tasked with so many different work orders, they often forget the very basic necessity of an employee -- to feel respected. In the end, that's what makes people happy.

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